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Last Update: March 15, 2018
Moguro Fukuzo

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Speech at UN Human Rights Council


Human Rights Council 37th Session
(Feb. 26 through Mar.23, 2017)

Speech by Ms. Sharon Isac

Mr. President:

The use of brothels by military was not unique to Japan during the WWII.

There are substantial amount of information about the brothel called comfort stations by Japanese such as the numbers, locations, recruitment methods, nationalities, and ages of women who worked there as well as the wages, work hours, and so on.

The myth of comfort women as sex slaves emerged in 1980s alleging that over 200,000 mostly Korean women and girls as young as 11 were forcibly taken from their homes.

The myth has since been weaponized against Japan which, according to accusers, remains unrepentant and insincere in their apologies.

The accusation however, Mr. President, is solely based on unsubstantiated testimonies of self-proclaimed former comfort women without authenticated evidence.

The myth persists despite no documents or no police reports of kidnapped persons by families of allegedly kidnapped victims have been found.

The depraved, highly defamatory myth is being spread seeking permanent memory in inscriptions accompanying the statues of young girls as sex slaves now littering public spaces and cities around the world.

The truth of comfort women has been already widely known in Japan with admission and apology of major media responsible for false reporting.

Mr. President, we ask the United Nations Human Rights Council to re-investigate the comfort women issue, this time, based on objective evidences.

Than you.


Human Rights Council 36th Session
(September 11 throuth 29, 2017)

Speech by Mr. Shun-ichi Fujiki

Thank you Mr. President.

We would like to make two requests to the Human Rights Council.

First we request the Council repeal the United Nations Special Rapporteur Ms. Coomaraswamyfs Report of 1996.

Reasons for the request are that some of its contents were not based on historical facts, but based on fictitious books such as pornographic novels and manga like this one.

Also the report contains many false testimonies which were coached to ecomfort womenf by a group called the gKorean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan.h

The group has strong ties with DPRK and its purpose behind the comfort women issue is to defame Japan, demand money and drive a wedge into the Japan-US-ROK Security Partnership.

Second, we request the Council to pressure South Korean government to fulfill its gend of the 2015 Japan-South Korea Agreementh so that the two nations can resolve the comfort women issue finally and irreversibly as they agreed upon.

It is high time that the two nations renew their friendly relationship so that we can deal with more imminent problems which the current world facesm such as serious nuclear threat from DPRK.

Thank you Mr. Chair


Human Rights Council 34th Session
(February 27 through March 24, 2017)

Speech by Mr. Tony Marano

Mr. President, I am here to address the abuse in the United Statesf minority students of Japanese ancestry as the result of placement of memorial statues of the comfort women.

They have placed one of these memorial plaques in the New York State Park dedicated to the memory of the United States veterans who served in the Korean War. The Korean War has nothing to do with the issue.

A comfort woman statue was placed in a public park in California with a marble slab accusing Japanese crimes

Children seen it in the park end up to be victimized with the Japanese ancestry

I would like to ask where are the comfort women memorials of Korean women who were forced to become comfort women for the United States Army during the last part of the last century.

Also where are the memorials addressing the Vietnamese women forced by South Korean troops during the Vietnam War?

In conclusion, I would like to ask the 4 January 1996 Report submitted by UN Special Rapporteur Coomaraswamy be rescinded due to gross negligence and omitting many references and documents written by the United States Army which are in conflict to many of the details written in the report.

She was deceived by a North Korean influence group.

As a side note I would like to inform you that the South Korean government is in violation of UN Convention of Diplomatic Relations Article 22 Paragraph 2 by erecting a women statue across the street of the Japanese embassy in Seoul and the Japanese consulate in Busan.

Thank you.


Human Rights Council 33rd Session
(September 13 through 30, 2016)

Speech by Prof. Fujioka

Excuse me. Thank you Mr. President.

Let me share an astonishing story written the comfort women issue. In short, the United Nations was misinformed on this controversial and emotional issue.

20 years ago, in 1996, the UN committee accepted Special Rapporteur Ms. Coomaraswamyfs report. It concluded gComfort Women could be called sex slaves.h

The core reference supporting this conclusion was Yoshida Seijifs testimony that he was involved in gslave raidsh in his book titled gMy War Crimes.h

The report has, however, been proven groundless. In fact, later both the publisher and Yoshida admitted his book was fictitious and not a testimony at all.

In addition, last month, Yoshidafs son confessed that his father wrote this book by looking at a map of the site where he had never been. Yodhidafs son said, gMy father fabricated stories.h

However the term sex slaves spread all over the world. Some Koreansf organizations have been putting up comfort women statues and monuments with fabricated story engraved in Korea, United States, Australia, and Germany.

Because of these activities, Japanese children living in the United States have been badly bullied and discriminated.

Recently their parents submitted petitions to Prime Minister Abe to seek for the government supports.

Many Japanese citizens have started to request the government to reduce or stop annual contribution to the UN that amount to approximately 300 million US dollars.

We, therefore, urge the UN to send another Special Rapporteur to Japan to examine the authenticity of the Coomaraswamy Report.

Thank you very much Mr. President.

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