What is the real number?

August 17, 2015
Moguro Fukuzo

Today, Chinese claim the death toll from the gNanking Massacreh is 300,000. You may wonder on what basis they claim the figure.

Nanking Massacre Memorial Hall in China
The US media such as CNN accept the claim without any qualm.
Click to view the CNN website.

gRape of Nankingh by Iris Chang describes as follows (p.4).

However, Wellington Kooiڈj, then the representative of the Republic of China to the League of Nations claimed the number was 20,000 in 1938. (Source: Paragraph 5, p.121 of the Official Journal of the League of Nations on 100th Session Sixth Meeting)

Wellington Koo, Chinese envoy to the League of Nations

Click below to find out the minutes of the meeting held on February 2, 1938 as described in the Official Journal of the League of Nations.

Of course, 300,000 and 20,000 are widely different. What is the real number do they claim as the death toll?

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