Fake and Truth: "The Battle of China"

Last Update: August 25, 2018
Moguro Fukuzo

gThe Battle of Chinah was a war-time propaganda film directed by Frank Capra. Today, you can watch this film on Youtube and see how people can be easily deceived by fake stories.

The film also provides good source materials to consider the history of the period: What was the real cause of the 1937-1945 Sino-Japanese War?

Jung Chiang and Jon Hallidayfs book gMao the Unknown Storyh says, gStalin had publicly identified Japan as the principal menace. Now, we believe, he activated a long-term Communist agent in the heart of the Nationalist army, and detonated a full-scale war in Shanghai, which drew the Japanese inextricably into the vast heartland of China --- and away from Russia.h (pp.198-199, Chapter 19)

If their observation is true, the 1937-1945 Sino-Japanese War presents a whole different story from s conventional view: It is not that Japan invaded China for her insatiable desire of land-grab and occupation, but rather, that Japanese army was lured into the heart of China Proper and pinned down there by Chiang Kai-shekfs Nationalist forces.

Does the film describe all the important incidents or events precisely true to the historical facts, or present wrong interpretation or otherwise is missing something that had led to the eventual war between Japan and the United States?

The author of this website trusts that, in many ways, gThe Battle of Chinah is a good start to consider all these problems.


At the end of the film, a description comes up to display as follows:

gAll film used in this picture comes from Chinese sources, American and British Army Photographic Services, Missionaries, News reels and captured Japanese filmsh

Sounds like the film is a documentary? However, if this film is a documentary and reflects the true picture of the war, why are there some people smiling and laughing during the bombing raids?

Slide No., time & caption
Slide 01/ 21:58
She is laughing while being bombed.

Slide 02/ 22:09
People to the right are running while those to the left are walking.
Slide 03/ 22:48
Some of them are smiling during the air-raid.
Slide 04/ 39:40
Enjoy emergency evacuation !
Slide 05/ 39:49
Are you looking forward to see Elvis?

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