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Moguro Fukuzou
The Planet of the Comfort Women

Monuments after Monuments Built to Tell Lies
Korean efforts of building comfort women memorials all over the United States are disgusting and outrageous.

Koreans have had a long tradition of selling the first born daughter into prostitution in order to feed the rest of the family. I wonder if Americans feel sympathy for Koreans and continue to build monuments with such knowledge. As they were sold by their own parents, there are no protests or eyewitness records by their own parents (or any other third party) alleging that their daughter was abducted by the Japanese police/military.

If women and girls in their 10s or 20s were taken away by force, their fathers must haven been 40s or 50s. Those women and girls should have brothers and relatives nearby. Where were those people when they were taken away?

Records tell that only two (2) Japanese army divisions (approx. 20,000 men) stayed in Korea from 1940 through 1945 to govern the Korean population of 23 million. No B29 bombings, no battles occurred in the entire Korean Peninsula during the time of Japan vs. all the world war. Korean Peninsula had been a peaceful place until Japan was defeated by the allied forces.

Besides, during the Annexation Era, nearly 90% of policemen were Koreans and 80% of local parliament representatives were Koreans. Did those Koreans allow the Japanese police/military to take 200,000 young women to brothels? Are you saying Korean men were so chicken weaklings to see their women were taken by foreign people? At least Japanese men often resorted to fist-fights during the occupation by the US Army.

I believe that Koreans are, for some reason, trying to drive a wedge in the Japan-US Security Pact. This is part of Chinese or North Korean government manipulation.

Congressman Mike Honda and Kim Dong-suk, the founder of KACE.

Just think about who will take delight in seeing the rise of animosity between the peoples of Japan and the U.S. It is Chinese Communist Dictatorship!

The author strongly believe these men are not fighting for justice/human rights. Their true motive is to drive a wedge between Japan and the Unites States.

Driving a wedge into good relationship of others for one's own ends is a traditional Korean technique called IGANZIL(—£ŠÔŽ–).

There is an old Korean syaing, "If you tell a lie more than 100 times, people will consider that lie is a truth." Stones and metal plates will remain for a long time. They are trying to make what's written on the metal plates a fait accompli.

Americans should ask themselves if this blame-shifting and smear campaign of baseless slander by Koreans is a right thing to do.



San Francisco, California
September 22, 2017

Brookhaven, Georgia
June 30, 2017

Union City, New Jersey
Aug 4, 2014

May 30, 2014

Glendale, California
June 30, 2013

Fort Lee, Bergen County, New Jersey
March 8, 2013

Eisenhower Park in Westbury, New York
June 16, 2012

Japanese Embassy, Seoul, South Korea
December 14, 2011

Korean Insanity

Three basic questions Koreans have to think about:

  1. The Korean government employed comfort women and operated state-owned brothels for the Korean Army during the Korean War while it ignores the fact and never deals with the fact with the same endeavour as it deals with the Comfort Women served the Japanese Army. Why?

  2. The Korean government has employed comfort women and operated state-owned brothels for US troops up until today for a long period during and after the Korean War, while it never deals with the fact with the same endeavour as it deals with the Comfort Women served the Japanese Army. Why?

  3. Korean government pays so great attention to the past comfort women while it ignores the present-day Korean women who are compelled to become modern-day comfort women because of their dire situation of being deeply in debt. Why?

The Korean government is a bunch of hypocrites! Koreans have no right to criticize the present day Japanese.

A Message to Americans

By building those memorials, you are insulting Japan and the Japanese.

What is the basis of 200,000 young girls forcibly taken to the brothels by the Japanese Army or government officials? Do you have sufficient evidences for such defamation? Have you ever heard the other side of the story and reached your conclusion?

In essence, you are doing this.

The main points of Japanese-side opinions, as demonstrated in the public hearing of Glendale CA, are as follows:

  1. Comfort women were not sex slaves. They were highly-paid prostitutes. They engaged in prostitution out of poverty.

  2. The US official documents (shown in the home page of this website) state that they were prostitutes/camp followers providing sex services. Is there any reason that you believe in Korean opinions while denying the statements written in the US official documents?

  3. There is no evidence proving that they were forcibly taken away by the Japanese army/government officials. Before blindly believe what Koreans say, you should spend more time and efforts in research and investigation.

  4. Why do you permit building monuments? This will eventually make the Japanese residents the target of hate crimes.

  5. The Comfort Women issue arose from the story of Yoshida Seiji. However, the researches conducted by the Japanese and Korean professionals proved that the story was just the lie.

  6. The 1965 Bilateral Treaty between Japan and Korea solved all the issues between the two countries. The treaty made the right to claim compensation from either the side null and void.

  7. The Korean government had not mention about the Comfort Women issue during the 14-years negotiation period prior to the signing of the 1965 Treaty. This clearly shows that the Korean government recognized that the Comfort Women issue was nothing to claim compensation for.

  8. There were comfort women who served US/UN soldiers during the Korean War. Why do you only focus on the comfort women served the Imperial Japanese Army?

  9. Are you going to make the Japanese and the Koreans hate each other and fight in the United States or elsewhere?
If you want to seriously learn about what were the comfort women, The author recommends you to read "The Comfort Women" written by C. Sarah Soh of San Francisco University. It is the most precise unbiased English account written about this subject.

At least, Koreans should present third-party witness accounts of forcible abduction of young girls by the Japanese soldiers and/or officials before accusing us and Americans should verify the correctness of such accounts before blindly believe what they say and build such memorials in your town.

Since fathers, brothers or people in the neighborhood should have witnessed such mass kidnapping of 200,000 young girls, there should be many such accounts.

However no such accounts have been presented to this day.

We Japanese know what really happened. Parents sold their daughters to gindentured prostitutionh and it was the whoremongers who had taken away those girls.

Indentured prostitution was the system by which the parents got hefty sum of advance money and the daughter repays the advance money by working at brothels. Indentured prostitution was completely legitimate business and widely prevalent in East Asia before the war.

Sounds crazy? However, you cannot judge the past with present values.

Of course, the author does not believe that those girls were happy to become prostitutes. However, due to Confucian teachings of expecting girls to have filial piety, they unwillingly accepted to become prostitutes in order to save the poor family.

During the days prostitution was nothing wrong, they saved their families!!

You can see the same women in many parts of the world even today. Keep your eyes wide open!!

How can you read gforcibly taken away by Korean brokers/procurers/brothel operatorsh as gforcibly taken away by the Japanese Army/government officials? This is what you call gblame-shiftinghmanipulation.

By this international harrassment:

This is a serious tort never allowed in a civil society. Furthermore, you are making us lose our faith to American democracy and trust in the common sense of yours.

It is unbearable and unacceptable for us Japanese that you Koreans and Americans put up plaques stating that gmore than 200,000 women and girls were abducted by the armed forces of the government of the Imperial Japan,h which is totally untrue and sheer lie, and hence spread the false allegation around the world in your shameless attempt to tarnish our reputation and insult our ancestors perpetually.

You have to know that too much self-rightousness will make you an ugly monster.

A mom expresses her anger at the public hearing of comfort women held at the U.S. Congress prior to passing of the House of Rep. Resolution 121 in 2007


from the book cover of gUsotsuki Kankoku no Shotai (The real nature of the liar nation Korea)h by SAPIO

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