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It is every manfs business to hear or create all the news he can. What he hears he embellishes by lies and exaggerations. Korea is the country of wild rumors.
p355, "Korea and Her Neighborsh by Isabella Bird
They have a strong desire to steal, lie, and deceive others. Inflicting damage on others is considered feat rather than shame. They are not trustworthy.
Hendrick Hamel, a Dutch sailor incarcerated in the Korean King's prison for 13 years in the 17th century
Your dynasty people are rude. Even the prince tells lies.
ABE-NO-ASAKARI, the Japanese ruler of Yamato-dynasty declared to the Korean envoy, Sept. 761 a.d.
Here we begin to understand the true horror of the gcomfort womenh issue, ....: to open up inquiry on this sexual slavery would be to find that many women were mobilized by Korean men.
p179, gKoreafs Place in the Sunh by Bruce Cumings, Professor of History at the University of Chicago
In fact, the survivorsf testimonials amply illustrate that during the war Korean men and women actively collaborated in the recruitment of young compatriots to service the Japanese military and also ran comfort stations.
p10, gThe Comfort Womenh by C. Sarah Soh, professor of San Francisco University


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A Korean girl waiting for her "customers" from inside a glass-made showcase Present day korean comfort women protesting closing of brothels in September, 2011

Today, one in four prostitutes arrested in the U.S. are Koreans.

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