"The so-called gcomfort womenh controversy is humiliating, not only to Japan and the Japanese people but also to Korea and the Korean people. If the outrageous accusations against Japan were true, they would show the Japanese people in an extremely bad light. But at the same time, the accusations would also greatly insult the Korean people. For even though there were supposedly some 200,000 Korean girls snatched from their homes, there were no instances of resistance, to say nothing of revolt, in Korea. Would not this make the Korean people look bad? Would we have ever encountered such cowards at any other time in world history?"
---------- One old woman in Washington D.C.

"We shall slap Japanfs face using American hands." ---------------- Kim Dong-suk, founder of KACE (Korean American Civic Empowerment)

The metal statues and stone inscription will last hundreds of years unless intentionally destroyed. Therefore, building such a statue is equivalent to the declaration of keeping hostile relationship with Japan and the Japanese forever. ---------------- FUDESAKA Hideyo, a well-known Japanese critic and writer

IganziliԎj: Korean traditional stratagem to sow discord and mistrust between onefs rival and his superior in order to outwit the rival.

Last Update: March 31, 2021
Moguro Fukuzo




It is every manfs business to hear or create all the news he can. What he hears he embellishes by lies and exaggerations. Korea is the country of wild rumors.
p355, "Korea and Her Neighborsh by Isabella Bird
The Koreans are very much addicted to stealing, and so apt to cheat and lie that there is no trusting them.
Hendrick Hamel, a Dutch sailor incarcerated in the Korean King's prison for 13 years in the 17th century
Your dynasty people are rude. Even the prince tells lies.
ABE-NO-ASAKARI, Japanese ruler of Yamato-dynasty, declared to the Korean envoy in Sept. 761 a.d.
Koreans are con artists who often tell lies. They easily forget about faith and trust when seeking their own interest. This sly character of dirty raccoons must be their inherited traits.
Arai Hakuseki, b. 1657 - d. 1725, a scholar and counselor for Tokugawa Shogun in the Edo Period
Here we begin to understand the true horror of the gcomfort womenh issue, ....: to open up inquiry on this sexual slavery would be to find that many women were mobilized by Korean men.
p179, gKoreafs Place in the Sunh by Bruce Cumings, Professor of History at the University of Chicago
In fact, the survivorsf testimonials amply illustrate that during the war Korean men and women actively collaborated in the recruitment of young compatriots to service the Japanese military and also ran comfort stations.
p10, gThe Comfort Womenh by C. Sarah Soh, professor at San Francisco State University
In S. Korea, the number of perjury cases indicted per population in 2010 was 165 times greater than that in Japan. The number of false accusation cases per population was 305 times that of Japan.
Korea Daily, March 16, 2012


Japanese Site (Reference Documents in the PDF format)

Recommended English-written Literature

False Accusations of Nanking Massacre

Brief Summary

Three Questions on the Issue of the Comfort Women

  • Q1:Korean activists claim 20,000 to 200,000 women were abducted and forced to sexual services. How is it possible that such large number of women were kidnapped without any resistance? Where were Korean men?

  • Q2:Why do those Korean activists remain silent about the existence of Korean pimps, brokers, and parents of those girls, who sold them to brothel operators?

  • Q3:Japan and Korea signed a peace treaty in 1965. When signing the treaty, Japan paid a large amount of money (double the amount of the Korean government expenditure at that time) as government-to-government compensation, including all personal compensation to be paid to any Korean nationals, for Japan's annexation of Korea for 36 years. During the negotiation of the treaty. the Korean government did not mention about even a single word of "comfort women." However, from 1993 onwards, the Koreans keep demanding apologies and compensation for the comfort women. Why?

U.S. House of Representatives House Resolution 121

  • The Comfort Women Issue is a common sense vs. bias issue.

    All military organizations, from the ancient Roman Army to today's modern U.S. Army, had many brothels nearby their camps because prostitution has been and still is necessary evil. Otherwise there may be rapes in your neighborhood! Porn and prostitution are better than rapes. If you disagree, you should go to a church to become a monk and never come out of it.

    American sevicemen strolling through a "red light district" in South Korea

  • But why this man is so maniacal about bashing Japan using groundless rhetoric? In spite of the fact that no criminal nature was found in the IWG(Interagency Working Group) Report, which was submitted to the US Congress in April, 2007, three months later in July, he led the initiative to pass the Resolution 121 that requires Japan to gformally acknowledge, apologize and accept historical responsibility on the issue of the Comfort Women.h It seems his motive is not based on justice but something else.

    Whatever his motive or personal end is, he is acting as a wedge driven between Japan and the United States (possibly in favor of China/North Korea).

    Rep. Mike Honda pushed forward the U.S. Resolution 121

  • I donft know exactly why Koreans are so bellicose and hostile toward us. I know Japan annexed Korea in the past. But as far as I know Japan made a huge investment during 40 years of the annexation, and by the end of WWII the population of Korea has doubled compared to that before annexation and Korea has become a modern nation. Korea was NOT a colony for Japan. Like Ireland was for England, Korea was part of Greater Japan. However, Koreans practically keep saying,gYou are sons and daughters of sinners. Apologize! Pay Compensation! Apologize! Pay Compensation! Apologize! Pay Compensation!h all the time.

    A memorial for comfort women built in the Palisades Park N.J. The brass plaque writes gIN MEMORY OF THE MORE THAN 200,000 WOMEN AND GIRLS WHO WERE ABDUCTED BY THE ARMED FORCES OF THE GOVERNMENT OF IMPERIAL JAPAN.h Although Japanese cannot interfere with the decision of Americans, we are afraid such incorrect information spreads in the United States and one day will become a de facto historical fact people take for granted.
    Where were those Korean people, who took to the streets to celebrate the rapid advance of the Japanese Imperial Army in China waving Hinomaru flags shouting gBanzai Emperorh, while 200,000 of their women and girls were taken away from nearby towns and villages by the same Japanese Imperial Army?

    (Source: January, 1941, gPhoto-magazine Japanfs Great Leaph)


      Where were those young able-bodied Korean men, who fervently show allegiance to the Japanese Imperial Forces, while their sisters and girl friends were taken away by force?


    Korean Volunteers


    Click to watch

    Above: Army training center outside Seoul for young Koreans who wish to become Imperial Army soldiers.

    Left: Young Koreans marching in support of Japanfs war effort.


    This newspaper article reports that when the volunteer military system was first promulgated in Korea in 1938, over 3,000 applicants rushed to the police stations, which acted as the induction/reception center, just in one week and after examinations and health check-ups, 1,900 applicants were qualified for enlistment. (April 12, 1938, Asahi-Shimbun Osaka, West Korea edition)

    Where were those 3,000 applicants while their female compatriots were allegedly dragged away by the Japanese Imperial Force to which they wished to join, or by the police to which they must have submitted their application documents?

    Even a simpleton can understand that NO government can raise an army force from the place where you are rounding-up women and girls for forced prostitution.

    Korean Volunteers were attractive career for young Korean males.
    (Source: Asahi-graph July 7, 1943 edition)
    The Enlistment Ceremony for Korean Volunteers to join Japanese Imperial Marines; The outbreak of the war caused the sharp rise in the number of applicants for Korean Volunteers
    (Around April, 1944)


    Since the gSpecial Volunteer Army Decreeh was promulgated in 1938, a large number of Korean males applied for Korean Volunteers of the Japanese Imperial Army. As shown in the following table, the number of applicants increased year after year.

    Year Accepted Applicants Ratio
    1938 406 2,946 7.3
    1939 613 12,348 20.1
    1940 3,060 84,433 27.6
    1941 3,208 144,743 45.1
    1942 4,077 254,273 62.4
    1943 6,300 303,394 48.2
    Total 17,664 802,137

    (Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs)

    Conscription was applied to Korea from Sept. 1944. According to the diet meeting minutes dated Nov.14, 2002, the Imperial Japanese Army had at least 240,000 Korean soldiers and civil employees mobilized for war effort.

    Should the story of rounding-up 200,000 women and girls for forced sex slavery is true, you would wonder why those Koreans males are joining the same Army doing such atrocity.

    In other words, where were you, young Korean men, when your sisters and girl-friends were allegedly being rounded-up by Imperial Japanese forces? If you sat back and just looked on the scene, you deserve contempt of all men in the world.

    Korean people expressed their desire for Conscription Order by holding the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony at the Korean Shrine in Seoul on May, 11, 1942. At peak-time, a little over 240,000 Korean soldiers and civilian employees were enlisted by the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy.

    The following photo shows the Kisaeng girls contributing "comfort bags" to the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers in support for the war effort. (Source: Vol. No.279/August 1938 edition of the photo magazine gChosen (Korea)h published from the Governor-General of Korea)

    If the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers were rampaging through the Korean towns or villages for rounding-up of women and girls for "forced sex slavery," do you think those women had shown such support of war ?


    Guess who is telling the truth and who is telling a lie.

    Are you saying that Korean men are sissy weakling cowards who were standing idly by while their sisters and girl friends were rounded-up and forced into sex slavery ?!!


    • South Koreans should stop : 1) their victimization business to extort money from Japan; 2) anti-Japan smear campaign for venting their frustration.

      Otherwise, people around the world will one day know the truth and consider South Koreans are shameless liars.

    • The US/UK media should stop publicizing one-sided unsubstantiated accusation. These media are damaging their own reputation by swallowing and spreading baseless rumors. Check out the facts that corroborate the accusation.

  • Tear-jerker is the cheapest way to get your sympathy, but the most powerful weapon if you have a military might or you can control mass media. Be careful on what they say. There are many inconsistencies in their testimonies.

    For example, former comfort woman Lee Yong-soo (below) tells different story as to the circumstance of getting out of her home every time she testifies. False allegation and perjury are considered the serious crime in any civil or criminal court.

    Before you blindly believe anything, investigate!

    Lee Yong-soo testifying at U.S. Congress in 2007 Lee Yong-soo sobbing at one of the "testimony meetings" in Japan

    Lee Yong-soo at San Francisco city council in 2015

    Stupidity, arrogance and racial prejudice had won over fairness at San Francisco on Sept.22, 2015

    On Sept. 23, the next day but considering the time-zone difference the same day the council meeting of San Francisco passed the resolution to build a comfort women memorial, 700 prostitutes took to the streets of Seoul to claim their right to engage in the business of prostitution, demanding abolishment of the anti-prostitution law enacted in 2004.

    While the people of San Francisco are so busy on building a comfort women memorial in their city, which insults Americafs ally Japan and Japanese, they are indifferent on the modern day comfort women. This is HYPOCRISY or what?

  • The author trusts she is a top salesperson to spread hearsay, anger, and her merchandise is ghatred.h The City of San Francisco will be cultivating the hatred between Japan and S. Korea.

    gA narcissistfs weapon of choice is often verbal --- slander, lies, playing the victim in flipped tales of who was the victim and who was the abuser, gossip, rage, verbal abuse and intentional infliction of emotional pain.  It is a systematic dismantling of another personfs relationships, reputation, emotional, physical and spiritual health, life and very soul.  This is why narcissists are so often called emotional vampires.h .....Gail Meyers

    A Korean girl in ethnic cloth holds the head of Emperor Hirohito. This CG photo shows that something is wrong with mental-state of S. Koreans today.

  • Based on his scientific research, Professor Lee Yong-hoon of Seoul University reached the conclusion that comfort women were nothing more than prostitutes. When he presented his opinion, he was faced with severe criticisms from all corners of S. Korean society and finally forced to apologize before the former comfort women in a humiliating kow-tow style.

    Park Yu-ha, a Sejong University professor, wrote in her book gComfort Women of the Empireh that some Korean women who were taken to comfort stations overseas were volunteers and there were cases of having some comradeship or even romantic relationships with Japanese soldiers. She was sued by the former comfort women of the Sharing House for defaming them and indicted by the local prosecutor. The appeal court in Seoul overturned the lower courtfs acquittal, found her guilty of charges for gdefaming victims of Japanese wartime sexual slavery,h and fined her 10 million won (approx. US$8,876-), on November 5, 2017.

    Comfort Women frenzy is out of control to the point that

    there is no freedom of expression in South Korea.

    These former comfort women often play tear-jerkers and you may feel some sympathy for those "poor old women." However, due to anti-Japan sentiment prevalent in the South Korean society, those "poor old women" turned out to be some sort of despotic monsters against whom nobody can present different opinions on the Comfort Women Issue today.

    LEFT:A drumming party celebrates the installation of the girl statue in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul in violation of Article 22 of Vienna Convention, which assured peace, dignity and security of a foreign envoy

    RIGHT:Grandma Lee Yong-soo vehemently criticizes Japan at unveiling ceremony of a new statue in San Francisco

    Are you sure that you have no such mass hysteria in the USA?

    Why do you single out Japanfs case alone and fixate one-sided story on the metal plaque of the statue, turning deaf ears to our refutation and ignoring all hard evidences showing otherwise?

    If the statue is truly the symbol of universal human rights issue as promoters of the statue such as Lillian Sing and Julie Tang of the Comfort Woman Justice Coalition say,  where is the comfort women memorial of Korean women who were forced to become comfort women for the United States Army during the Korean War and thereafter? Also where is the memorial addressing the Vietnamese women forced to provide sex services for South Korean troops during the Vietnam War?

    Inscription of SF Comfort Women Statue

    SFAC San Francisco Arts Commission

    Steven Whyte
    American b. England 1969

    Comfort Womenh Column of Strength

    gOur worst fear is that our painful history during World War II will be forgotten.h ---------- former gComfort Womenh

    This monument bears witness to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of women and girls, euphemistically called gComfort Women,h who were sexually enslaved by the Japanese Imperial Forces in thirteen Asia-Pacific countries from 1931 to 1945. Most of these women died during their wartime captivity. This dark history was hidden for decades until the 1990s when the survivors courageously broke their silence. They helped move the world to declare that sexual violence as a strategy of war is a crime against humanity for which governments must be held accountable.

    This memorial is dedicated to the memory of these women, and to eradicating sexual violence and sex trafficking throughout the world.

    Gift of the gComfort Womenh Justice Coalition
    Collection of the City and County of San Francisco

    Click to learn more about Narcissistic Smear Campaign




    Do you still remember that you were deceived by Nayirah Incubator allegations just before Operation Desert Storm?

    Power comes with responsibility. Stay away from mob hysteria.

    This man (Kim Dong-suk, founder of "KACE") openly says "Koreans should slap Japan's face using American hands."

    Of course, we Japanese hate such mean tactics.

    However, the U.S. keeps the policy of having a three-party coalition (S. Korea, Japan, and the U.S.) against North Korea/China at the expense of Japan, humiliating us by passing U.S. House of Reps Resolution 121, by building comfort women memorials all over the U.S., and by distributing baseless lies of McGraw-Hill textbooks to your high-school students, while ignoring our protests.


    Are you sure that you are not a flying monkey?

    Look-up the term "Narcissistic Smear Campaign."

    It is exactly what the Koreans are relentessly pursuing in the US and around the world, and gullible Americans are used as flying monkeys.

  • "Sex slave" is a shocking phrase! The first rime I heard this phrase was when Mrs. Clinton used it. You do not throw such a shocking phrase at your friend without sufficient supporting evidences, do you? We Japanese will never ever tolerate such baseless defamation!!

    Hi Hillary! I admire your wish to promote the welfare of women and children of the world. But if you think the comfort women should be referred to as genforced sex slaves,h tell me how Monica Lewinsky should be described. The U.S. Presidentfs enslaved what?

    The YONHAP News, one of the most popular newspapers in South Korea, reported this is the photo of the comfort station served for the Japanese Army. But, wait a second, please. gOFF-LIMITh ? ? gKEEP OUTh ? ?
    No! Never! Nada! This must be the so-called gMonkey Househ served the U.S. Army during the Korean War! The operator of the house must be a Korean. Comfort women must be Koreans, too.

  • Don't you think it is more useful and productive to consider the welfare of these girls, rather than you keep demanding apologies from Japan?

A Korean girl waiting for her "customers" from inside a glass-made showcase Present day korean comfort women protesting closing of brothels in September, 2011

Today, one in four prostitutes arrested in the U.S. are Koreans.

    Notice that Korean Comfort Women killed four birds with just one stone:

    1) by war-time sex trade;

    2) got post-war support from the Korean government;

    3) received money from the Asian Women Peace Fund in 1990s; and

    4) now "healing money" is given from the one billion yen fund based on the 2015 Japan-Korea deal,

    and they are still complaining and no end of gthe squeaky wheel gets the greaseh is in sight.

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    (The loudest whiner gets what he wants.)

Korean students intruded into the opening ceremony of the Comfort Women Foundation for Healing and Reconciliation in protest of the opening. Korean protesters gathering in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul in an attempt to relinquish the Dec. 28, 2015 Japan-Korea deal (photo taken on Aug. 14, 2016)

Character assassination goes on and on

    Koreans will never stop their global anti-Japan smear campaign whatever Japan may do, since the Comfort Women Issue is their most powerful weapon to demote the nation and people of Japan by making you believe their lies.

    The United States Army had set-up comfort stations and used comfort women during the Korean War and subsequent years. S. Korean Army had set-up gTurkish bathsh and used comfort women during the Vietnam War. Why is Japan the only target of character assassination?

    The author also wanders why (supposedly) well-educated people like below are addicted to the constant stream of name-calling and falsehoods without referring to the original source of information.

On Sept. 22, 2015, the City Hall of San Francisco was full of arrogant, self-righteous hypocrites. Korean participants were overjoyed to hear that the Supervisors had passed the legislation calling for building a Comfort Women Memorial in the city, or acquired another weapon to denounce Japan. When one of the Japanese residents in the city expressed his opinion that former comfort woman Li Yong-soo had made different testimonies at different occasions, Supervisor David Campos called it gan attackh against her and yelled gShame on you!h several times.

Why do Americans lose their cool and ignore the other side of the story when it comes to the comfort women issue, although there is a reason to doubt the authenticity of the testimonies of the former comfort women?

It appears guilty verdict is determined from the very beginning and due process of laws such as cross-examination of testimony, chance for refutation, or presumption of innocence is grossly denied for the Japanese. Basically this is a Kangaroo Court and you are saying, gNo one is guilty without hard evidence except for the Japanese.h

It is what you call the gRacial Prejudice.h

"Is Japan Not Entitled to Presumption of Innocence?"
Shame on San Francisco Hypocrites

Herbert Ziegler, professor of history at University of Hawaii, seems unable to identify the line that exists between freedom of speech and freedom to abuse and defame others. Among many disagreements the author finds in his writing as quoted by McGraw-Hill Textbook, the following part is particularly outrageous and cannot be overlooked.

gThe Japanese army forcibly recruited, conscripted, and dragooned as many as two hundred thousand womenc..At the end of the war, soldiers massacred large numbers of comfort women to cover up the operation.h

He is in essence branding the Japanese race a bunch of rapists and murderers. This is not any sort of academic work but just malicious slander intended to defame the nation and people of Japan. In response to the demands of 19 Japanese historians to provide supporting evidences (16 March, 2015) for the above statement, he has made no reply and still continues to spread the baseless lies. His complete disregard of the truth deserves contempt of all historians. No scholars with any sort of conscience or integrity should take such a cowardly approach.

For more details, visit:
McGraw-Hill Textbook Hoaxes
House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) applauds California Board of Educationfs decision to teach comfort womenfs history in schools saying,

gIn my time representing Southern California, I have fought to expose the trauma and shame suffered by the Comfort Women. Thatfs why I was a leading co-sponsor of a resolution, passed by the House, calling for an apology from Japan and why I helped organize a congressional hearing at which several Comfort Women told of their sufferingh

The author believes that politicians like Ed Royce are just pandering Korean population residing in their electoral districts. However, pushing young people into a swamp of lies, distortion, and baseless rumors is is a serious problem. All community leaders should stick to the factual truth of history and avoid racial biases arising out of lobbying of a specific group of population.

Ironically, the gUnitingh Church, Sydney, Australia, is spreading division in local communities.

Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand. These holier-than-thou idiots are never in short supply in the West.

Diplomatic Compromise Has Nothing to Do with Historical Facts

    The author is indignant about and strongly opposed to the 2015 Japan-Korea deal as it is another insult on the nation and people of Japan.

    However, the author also believes that PM Abe had to have the deal under the growing U.S. pressure urging Japan to keep the three party (Japan. S.Korea, and the U.S.) security alliance against the threats arising from North Korea and China.

    S. Korea has successfully torn off one billion yen during the diplomatic negotiation process.

    Vice President Joe Biden said, gI donft negotiate the agreement, but the end result was, because I had a personal relationship with both of them (President Park and Prime Minister Abe) and they trusted me, I could be an interlocutor, that was more like a divorce counselor, putting a marriage back together.h (Aug. 28, the Atlantic)

    The Comfort Women Issue is also a ghit producth Koreans can use in a diplomatic negotiation. As it is an obstacle Japan has to remove for forming a three-party alliance vis-a-vis North Korea and/or China, the more the U.S. puts pressure upon Japan, the more Koreans raise the hurdle for compromise.

    The U. S. should stop putting pressure upon Japan in order to keep the three-party security alliance at the expense of Japan. Instead, the U.S. should choose either Japan or South Korea for its economic and/or security partner in the East Asia. We Japanese have our own limits of patience and we are already sick of the ungrateful, anti-Japan religious cult nation.

S. Korean football fans formed these letters at 2002 FIFA World Cup. Quite like we have Christianity, Islamism, and Buddhism in the world, S. Korea is an anti-Japan religious cult nation.

The New Seoul City Government Building, nicknamed gTsunami,h was built in May 2012, one year after the Eastern Japan Earthquake/Tsunami had killed 20,000 of us. Although the building design is said to have been determined prior to the disaster with the design concept that the big wave attacks the older previous city government building that was built in 1926, during the Annexation Years, it was completed with no change in design at the cost of JPY 21 billion. We consider that S. Koreans are heartless people. They have no ordinary human compassion.

If you want to join the camp of these insane people, fine. Just do it.

On August 15, 2015, demonstrators in Seoul tore apart a giant flag composed of half Star-and-Stripes and half Rising-Sun. South Korea plays both sides of a fence as we saw President Park standing on the podium of the Tiananmen Square at the September 3 Military Parade (about two weeks from this mass-rally).

Is this anti-Japan, anti-U.S. nation really worth keeping in our alliance?

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