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August 28, 2016

In the recent interview with a journalist, the eldest son of Yoshida Seiji expressed his deep apology to the fellow Japanese for the disturbances his fatherfs fabricated story has caused and said that, if allowed, he wanted to pull out all the comfort women memorials built around the world by using cranes. The September-edition of the Shincho 45 magazine reported.

It is every manfs business to hear or create all the news he can. What he hears he embellishes by lies and exaggerations. Korea is the country of wild rumors.
p355, "Korea and Her Neighborsh by Isabella Bird
They have a strong desire to steal, lie, and deceive others. Inflicting damage on others is considered feat rather than shame. They are not trustworthy.
Hendrick Hamel, a Dutch sailor incarcerated in the Korean King's prison for 13 years in the 17th century
Your dynasty people are rude. Even the prince tells lies.
ABE-NO-ASAKARI, the Japanese ruler of Yamato-dynasty declared to the Korean envoy, Sept. 761 a.d.
Here we begin to understand the true horror of the gcomfort womenh issue, ....: to open up inquiry on this sexual slavery would be to find that many women were mobilized by Korean men.
p179, gKoreafs Place in the Sunh by Bruce Cumings, Professor of History at the University of Chicago
In fact, the survivorsf testimonials amply illustrate that during the war Korean men and women actively collaborated in the recruitment of young compatriots to service the Japanese military and also ran comfort stations.
p10, gThe Comfort Womenh by C. Sarah Soh, professor of San Francisco University


Japanese Site (Reference Documents in the PDF format)

False Accusations of Nanking Massacre

Brief Summary

Three Questions on the Issue of the Comfort Women

  • Q1:Korean activists claim 20,000 to 200,000 women were abducted and forced to sexual services. How is it possible that such large number of women were kidnapped without any resistance? Where were Korean men?

  • Q2:Why do those Korean activists remain silent about the existence of Korean pimps, brokers, and parents of those girls, who sold them to brothel operators?

  • Q3:Japan and Korea signed a peace treaty in 1965. When signing the treaty, Japan paid a large amount of money (double the amount of the Korean government expenditure at that time) as government-to-government compensation, including all personal compensation to be paid to any Korean nationals, for Japan's annexation of Korea for 36 years. During the negotiation of the treaty. the Korean government did not mention about even a single word of "comfort women." However, from 1993 onwards, the Koreans keep demanding apologies and compensation for the comfort women. Why?

U.S. House of Representatives House Resolution 121

A Korean girl waiting for her "customers" from inside a glass-made showcase Present day korean comfort women protesting closing of brothels in September, 2011

Today, one in four prostitutes arrested in the U.S. are Koreans.

    Notice that Korean Comfort Women killed four birds with just one stone:

    1) by war-time sex trade;

    2) got post-war support from the Korean government;

    3) received money from the Asian Women Peace Fund in 1990s; and

    4) now "healing money" is given from the one billion yen fund based on the 2015 Japan-Korea deal,

    and they are still complaining and no end of gthe squeaky wheel gets the greaseh is in sight.

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    (The loudest whiner gets what he wants.)

Korean students intruded into the opening ceremony of the Comfort Women Foundation for Healing and Reconciliation in protest of the opening. Korean protesters gathering in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul in an attempt to relinquish the Dec. 28, 2015 Japan-Korea deal (photo taken on Aug. 14, 2016)

Koreans will never stop their global anti-Japan smear campaign whatever Japan may do.
(Uniting Church, Sydney, Australia)

Ironically, the gUnitingh Church is spreading division in local communities.

Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand. These holier-than-thou idiots are never in short supply in the West.

    The author is indignant about and strongly opposed to the 2015 Japan-Korea deal as it is another insult on the nation and people of Japan.

    However, the author also believes that PM Abe had to have the deal under the growing U.S. pressure urging Japan to keep the three party (Japan. S.Korea, and the U.S.) security alliance against the threats arising from North Korea and China.

    S. Korea has successfully torn off one billion yen during the diplomatic negotiation process.

    Vice President Joe Biden said, gI donft negotiate the agreement, but the end result was, because I had a personal relationship with both of them (President Park and Prime Minister Abe) and they trusted me, I could be an interlocutor, that was more like a divorce counselor, putting a marriage back together.h (Aug. 28, the Atlantic)

    The U. S. should stop putting pressure upon Japan in order to keep the three-party security alliance at the expense of Japan. Instead, the U.S. should choose either Japan or South Korea for its economic and/or security partner in the East Asia. We Japanese have our own limits of patience and we are already sick of the ungrateful, anti-Japan religious cult nation.

S. Korean football fans formed these letters at 2002 FIFA World Cup. Quite like we have Christianity, Islamism, and Buddhism in the world, S. Korea is an anti-Japan religious cult nation.

The New Seoul City Government Building, nicknamed gTsunami,h was built in May 2012, one year after the Eastern Japan Earthquake/Tsunami had killed 20,000 of us. Although the building design is said to have been determined prior to the disaster with the design concept that the big wave attacks the older previous city government building that was built in 1926, during the Annexation Years, it was completed with no change in design at the cost of JPY 21 billion. We consider that S. Koreans are heartless people. They have no ordinary human compassion.

If you want to join the camp of these insane people, fine. Just do it.

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