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False Accusations of Nanking Massacre

Brief Summary

A Korean delusional image of rounding-up young women under violence Actual comfort women following advancing Japanese Army

Of cource, the Army needed to get involved in administration of brothels in the occupied territory, such as providing medical check-ups as the photo below shows, because spread of venereal diseases would cripple the Army's fighting capability.

Three Questions on the Issue of the Comfort Women

  • Q1:Korean activists claim 20,000 to 200,000 women were abducted and forced to sexual services. How is it possible that such large number of women were kidnapped without any resistance? Where were Korean men?

  • Q2:Why do those Korean activists remain silent about the existence of Korean pimps, brokers, and parents of those girls, who sold them to brothel operators?

  • Q3:Japan and Korea signed a peace treaty in 1965. When signing the treaty, Japan paid a large amount of money (double the amount of the Korean government expenditure at that time) as government-to-government compensation, including all personal compensation to be paid to any Korean nationals, for Japan's annexation of Korea for 36 years. During the negotiation of the treaty. the Korean government did not mention about even a single word of "comfort women." However, from 1993 onwards, the Koreans keep demanding apologies and compensation for the comfort women. Why?

U.S. House of Representatives House Resolution 121

  • The Comfort Women Issue is a common sense vs. bias issue.

    All military organizations, from the ancient Roman Army to today's modern U.S. Army, had many brothels nearby their camps because prostitution has been and still is necessary evil. Otherwise there may be rapes in your neighborhood! Porn and prostitution are better than rapes. If you disagree, you should go to a church to become a monk and never come out of it.

    American sevicemen strolling through a "red light district" in South Korea

  • But why this man is so maniacal about bashing Japan using groundless rhetoric? It seems his motive is not based on justice but something else. Whatever his motive or personal end is, he is acting as a wedge driven between Japan and the United States.

    Rep. Mike Honda pushed forward the U.S. Resolution 121, which stated Japan should formally acknowledge, apologize and accept historicall responsibility on the issue of the Comfort Women.

  • Is it that you want to bash Japan, your staunch ally, because old women weep in your congress?

    Kim Hak-soon, the first woman who made a public statement that she was forced to serve as a Comfort Woman, admitted she had been sold at the cost of 40 yen to a Kisaeng House, a traditional Korean school to train girls to be entertainers/prostitutes after filing a lawsuit in Japan. But it was not entirely her fault. She confessed that she was so alone and just wanted to meet her old friends. Lawyers and activists who use her low intelligence for their own ends are to blame.

  • I donft know exactly why Koreans are so bellicose and hostile toward us. I know Japan annexed Korea in the past. But as far as I know Japan made a huge investment during 40 years of the annexation, and by the end of WWII the population of Korea has doubled compared to that before annexation and Korea has become a modern nation. Korea was NOT a colony for Japan. Like Ireland was for England, Korea was part of Greater Japan. However, Koreans practically keep saying,gYou are sons and daughters of sinners. Apologize! Pay Compensation! Apologize! Pay Compensation! Apologize! Pay Compensation!h all the time.

    Former Korean comfort women demonstrate in front of Japanfs embassy in Seoul commemorating 1000th times of such demonstration that demand Japan to admit its war crime in December 2011. The golden statue of a girl symbolizes comfort woman. It was built by a group supporting these women.

    Japanfs Prime Minister Noda demanded Korean President Li to remove the statue considering it gdisgrace that jeopardize the tranquility and normal operation of the embassy,h but the Korean President refused and placed guards to protect it, causing a serious diplomatic problem between the two countries.

    A giant poster erected in Times Square of New York demanding gapologyh of Japan like German chancellor Willy Brandt had made gsilent apologyh before the Jewish Ghetto Monument. This angered many Japanese because despite the fact that Japan had formed Axis Power alliance with Nazi Germany in WWII, what our ancestors did has nothing to do with the mass-murder of the Jewish Ghetto. We considered this a shrewd manipulation to create an impression that the Comfort Women and the Jewish Ghetto are similar in nature.
    A Korean man enjoying stomping on the face of Emperor Hirohito in Seoul. He never considers millions of our fathers and mothers fought and died under him, and many Japanese today also respect and love this fatherly figure.
    A memorial for comfort women built in the Palisades Park N.J. The brass plaque writes gIN MEMORY OF THE MORE THAN 200,000 WOMEN AND GIRLS WHO WERE ABDUCTED BY THE ARMED FORCES OF THE GOVERNMENT OF IMPERIAL JAPAN.h Although Japanese people cannot interfere with the decision of Americans, we are afraid such incorrect information spreads in the United States and one day will become de facto historical fact people take for granted.

  • Tear-jerker is the cheapest way to get your sympathy, but the most powerful weapon if you have a military might or you can control mass media. Be careful on what they say. There are many inconsistencies in their testimonies.

    For example, former comfort woman Lee Yong-soo (below) tells different story as to the circumstance of getting out of her home every time she testifies. False allegation and perjury are considered the serious crime in any civil or criminal court.

    Before you blindly believe anything, investigate!

    Lee Yong-soo testifying at U.S. Congress in 2007 Lee Yong-soo sobbing at one of the "testimony meetings" in Japan

    Lee Yong-soo at San Francisco city council in 2015

    Stupidity, arrogance and racial prejudice had won over fairness at San Francisco on Sept.22, 2015

    On Sept. 23, the next day but considering the time-zone difference the same day the council meeting of San Francisco passed the resolution to build a comfort women memorial, 700 prostitutes took to the streets of Seoul to claim their right to engage in the business of prostitution, demanding abolishment of the anti-prostitution law enacted in 2004.

    While the people of San Francisco are so busy on building a comfort women memorial in their city, which insults Americafs ally Japan and Japanese, they are indifferent on the modern day comfort women. This is HYPOCRISY or what?

  • The author trusts she is a top salesperson to spread hearsay, anger, and her merchandise is ghatred.h The City of San Francisco will be cultivating the hatred between Japan and S. Korea.

  • Based on his scientific research, Professor Lee Yong-hoon of Seoul University reached the conclusion that comfort women were nothing more than prostitutes. When he presented his opinion, he was faced with severe criticisms from all corners of S. Korean society and finally forced to apologize before the former comfort women in a humiliating kow-tow style.

    Although these former comfort women often play tear-jerkers and you may feel they are poor old women, they are actually turned to be some kind of despotic monsters against whom nobody can present different opinions on the issue in South Korea today.


    This man (Kim Dong-suk, founder of "KACE") openly says "Koreans should slap Japan's face using American hands."

    Of course, we Japanese hate such mean tactics.

    However, the U.S. keeps the policy of having a three-party coalition (S. Korea, Japan, and the U.S.) against North Korea/China at the expense of Japan, humiliating us by passing U.S. House of Reps Resolution 121, by building comfort women memorials all over the U.S., and by distributing baseless lies of McGraw-Hill textbooks to your high-school students, while ignoring our protests.


    If any ethnic war breaks out between Japan and S. Korea, it is YOUR FAULT! AMERICANS!!

  • "Sex slave" is a shocking phrase! The first rime I heard this phrase was when Mrs. Clinton used it. You do not throw such a shocking phrase at your friend without sufficient supporting evidences, do you? We Japanese will never ever tolerate such baseless defamation!!

    Hi Hillary! I admire your wish to promote the welfare of women and children of the world. But if you think the comfort women should be referred to as genforced sex slaves,h tell me how Monica Lewinsky should be described. The U.S. Presidentfs enslaved what?

    The YONHAP News, one of the most popular newspapers in South Korea, reported this is the photo of the comfort station served for the Japanese Army. But, wait a second, please. gOFF-LIMITh ? ? gKEEP OUTh ? ?
    No! Never! Nada! This must be the so-called gMonkey Househ served the U.S. Army during the Korean War! The operator of the house must be a Korean. Comfort women must be Koreans, too.

  • Don't you think it is more useful and productive to consider the welfare of these girls, rather than you keep demanding apologies from Japan?

A Korean girl waiting for her "customers" from inside a glass-made showcase Present day korean comfort women protesting closing of brothels in September, 2011

Today, one in four prostitutes arrested in the U.S. are Koreans.

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