Analysis on Testimonies

Prof. Lee Yong-hoon called former comfort women gpaid-prostitutesh and was forced to apologize under mob violence in the humiliating kowtowing style before the eyes of these old hags in the Nanumu Sharing House.
Prof. Park Yuha wrote gthere was some sort of comradeship between Japanese soldiers and Korean comfort womenh in her book gThe Comfort Women of Empire,h and was sued for defamation by these women. Furthermore, as if it was not enough, she was indicted for a criminal charge of gdisparagement.h

Now, these monsters are so powerful in the South Korean society that
it has lost the freedom of expression and press.

Click on each image or name of the former comfort women to find her testimonies.

Lee Yong-soo@ipj
Lee Ok-sun@iʑP^ʐj
Kim Bok-dong@ij
Kan Il-chul@iIoj
Kil Won-ok@igʁj

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