Brouhaha Over

Japan-Korea Comfort Women Agreement

Last Update: January 25, 2016
Moguro Fukuzou


  1. On December 28, 2015, Japan and S. Korea reached the deal on comfort women Issue. However, sharp criticism came from both sides.


  2. Former comfort women in the NANUMU Sharing House called for nullification of the Agreement and demanded "true sincere apology" from Japan in the form of either Prime Minister Abe or Emperor Akihito coming to the Sharing House to "kneel down and beg for mercy."

    Real Yi Yong-su and real Kan-Il-chul yell at the S. Korean Foreign Ministry official who visits the Sharing House in protest of an agreement between Japan and S. Korea. They never let the two nations move on and always jeoperdize the way.
    A S. Korean Foreign Ministry official visits the Sharing House to explain why they made a deal on the agreement with Japan on Dec.28,2015. The former comfort women demand Japan's PM Abe to come to the house to kneel down and beg for mercy.

    Who had over-inflated the ego of these former prostitutes?

    You may wonder who rules S. Korea; Government or former comfort women.


    Kneel down and beg for mercy!!



    This is the ideal relationships of Koreans with Japan from the perverted view of Koreans. Due to anti-Japan education in S. Korea, brainwashed Korean children draw pictures like the left one.

    Prof. Lee Yong-hoon of the Seoul University declared that Comfort Women were nothing more than prostitutes and, therefore, he was forced to apologize in a humiliating kowtow style before the former comfort women.

    Yi Yong-su demands Japanfs Prime Minister Abe to apologize in the same kowtow manner in front of her. Who had over-inflated the ego of these old women?

    You have to notice that those poor old former comfort women weeping and sobbing before you have become some kind of monsters in South Korea today.

    The 16th King of Yi-dynasty Korea kneels down and begs mercy before the Qing-dynasty Emperor of China, swearing the pledge of being a loyal subject to Qing-dynasty China forever. From this time (1637), Korea had provided 200-300 women to Qing-dynasty China every year to serve as concubines of the Manchu warriors until its independence from China after the Sino-Japanese War of 1895.

    The author believes the ultimate goal of South Koreans is to put Japan in the same situation as this king, using the power of the United States. Sounds crazy but I believe they mean it. Otherwise, the phrase such as gPM Abe should come to the Sharing House, kneel down and beg for mercyh would not come out of their mouth.


  3. PM Abe said Japan would pay 1 billion yen subject to the removal of the comfort woman monument built in front of the Japanese Empassy in Seoul, and protesters in Seoul entrenched in protest against the removal.


  4. Japanese protesters opposing to the agreement also took to the streets in Tokyo and Osaka in demonstration of their resentment toward repeated apology and payment of compensation.

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