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Moguro Fukuzo
McGraw-Hill Textbook Hoaxes

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19 Japanese historians (represented by Professor Hata) made their rebuttal by publishing the booklet titled gRequesting Correction of Factual Errors in McGraw-Hill Textbookh (Click to get the PDF file) on March 17, 2015.

However, I will do my own counterargument as follows:

1) gforcibly recruited, conscripted and dragooned as many as many as two thousand womenh

Comfort Women were recruited with high pay. As comfort women could get higher pay than kisaeng girls, there were many kisaeng girls who had become comfort women. There were also many Korean parents who sold off their daughters to procurers (brokers who sell the girls to brothel operators) in return to the advance payment of 24 to 36 months worth of salary as a comfort woman. If the women could repay the family debt (the advance payment) in full, she could return home. Therefore, the comfort women system was the Indentured Prostitution.

If Korean girls and women were taken away, forcibly recruited, rounded-up, or dragooned, it must have been Korean local procurers and/or their underlings who had done so.

See the following recruiting ads carried on a major newspaper in Seoul in 1944.

    Place: ZZ Regiment Comfort Station
    Age Limit: 18 or older but no older than 30
    Day for Application: October 27, November 8
    Counseling Meeting: November 8
    Salary and Welfare: To be decided after interview
    Number of Recruits Wanted: Dozens of them
    Contact: Kou 2645 at Kyogi-cho 195 Korean Hotel (Mr. Kyo)

    Age limit: 17 or older but no older than 23
    Place and Type of Work: Rear Regiment of ZZ, Comfort Woman
    Monthly Salary: 300 yen or more (Loan up to 3,000 yen available in advance)
    Job Interview: Applicant is required to appear 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. for interview.
    IMAI Employment Agency

First and foremost, they were recruited by those Korean procurers. Do not ignore the fact.

The exact number of comfort women who worked at comfort stations is not known. Professor Hata estimates the number at peak-time was 20,000, which comprises 8,000 Japanese women, 4,000 Korean women and 8,000 Chinese and others.

2)"as a gift from the emperor"

Itfs an outrageous insult for our emperor. You cannot imagine what effect this remark has on the minds of the Japanese nationals.

3) "At the end of the war, soldiers massacred large numbers of comfort women to cover up the operation."

I have the same opinion with 19 Japanese historians on this part of the description. If the massacre of the comfort women actually occurred, such an incident should have been brought before the 1946 Tokyo Tribunal or BC class trials. There is no such record evidencing the incident. On what grounds do the writers assert such incident had taken place?

How can you tell such groundless lies to your children? The author has really begun to doubt the common sense of the Americans.

This is a serious purgery and/or disparagement. If you still insist this is a historical fact and true, give us the evidence.


June 1, 2015


As of June 20, 2016, one year has passed from the release of the warning of 19 Japanese scholars. During the time, Mr. Zeigler and McGraw-Hill Company made no response and still remain silent about the evidence that backs up their description.

Therefore, we determine Mr. Zeigler is a shameless liar and McGraw-Hill Company is an anti-Japan smear campaign propaganda machine.

They are making unsubstantiated allegations in their malicious intent to spread baseless lies to the world.

4) "The impetus behind the establishment of comfort houses for Japanese soldiers came from the horrors of Nanking, where the mass rape of Chinese women had taken place."

This statement is completely baseless. The Commander Matsui issued an order that any soldier who committed rape should be shot to death by Military Police. Soldersf testimonies say gNanking citizens opened brothels a couple of days after the fall of the city. There should have been no one who risked his life due to frugality with moneyh

There was the Battle of Nanking. But there were no massacre of any kind in Nanking. Click the image above to find more on the FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF NANKING MASSACRE.

"False Accusations of Nanking Massacre"

Prof. Hatafs Most Recent Remarks (as of May16, 2015 on Sankei Newspaper)

I am representing 19 Japanese historians who made the request of corrections to McGraw-Hill, and I have received NO answer yet. We sent to them the errata. It appears to me that they are going to ignore our request and keep errors as simple as 1+1=3 put on the textbook. I want to hear the opinions of conscientious American historians how they feel about it.

Click the image to get the request of corrections made by the 19 Japanese historians.


Click the image to listen to what this lawyer Kent Gilbert has to say to Americans.


Comments from the Celebrities
Douglas McArthur :US five-star general who led the United Nations Command during the Korean War

"Another holocaust? Ifve never heard of it. Why didnft Koreans tell it to me? We must redo the Tokyo Tribunal all over again"

Marilyn Monroe :an American actress and one of the biggest sex symbols of the 20th century

"Japs have balls. Koreans donft." (She is angry about Korean men who chose to be bystanders while their women were being dragged away. She openly calls them sissy weakling cowards.)

George S. Patton :the commamder of the U.S. Seventh Army in the Mediterranean and European Theathers of the WWII.

"Japs have balls. We are nuts." (He faced many rape cases committed by American soldiers against French girls after the D-day Landing and now begins to consider mass-murdering might have been a good solution to cover-up the operation.)

Abraham Lincoln :the 16th President of the United States

"The government of the comfort women, by the comfort women, for the comfort women shall perish from the earth."

Geronimo :the most prominent Indian Chief

"Honest Injun, dishonest Koreans."

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