Fake Captions Again and Again

Last Update: October 12, 2018
Moguro Fukuzo
The MailOnline put the following video titled gNever-before-seen footage shows the corpses of dozens of WWII Korean sex slaves dumped after they were raped and killed by Japanese soldiers.h

The original film of this video is preserved by the U.S. NARA (The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration) and its caption attached to its container shows as follows:

Compare the two captions. The caption of the MailOnline video says, gThe Korean sex slaves were killed in group on the day Japan lost a battle in China in 1944.h

On the other hand, the caption of the original film says, "Chinese soldiers strip socks off dead Japanese soldiersh and gChinese soldier loots Japanese dead.h

Therefore, the description of the MailOnline video is wrong.

The MailOnline News should be ashamed of continuing to put such fraudulent description for public viewing.

Mr. Tony Marano well explains the above-mentioned situation in the following video.


yAuthorfs Commentz

According to the February 27-edition of the Yonhap News of S. Korea, the original video of the MailOnline was first made public by the study team led by Professor Chong Jin-song (A) of Seoul University (hereinafter gStudy Teamh) as the evidence of mass killings of Korean comfort women by the Japanese Army.
      The press-release was made through the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul University Human Rights Center.

From where did the gStudy Teamh catch the description of "The Korean sex slaves were killed in group on the day Japan lost a battleh in spite of the fact that the real description was entirely different?

The gStudy Teamh must have read the description of the original film during their process of creating the video from the film preserved by NARA. Therefore, we can safely say that they must have prepared this fraud evidence willingly and on purpose.

Presenting a fraud evidence in an attempt to denigrate somebody is a serious crime. What in the hell can Koreans be such scam artists, even public organizations such as Seoul University or Seoul Metropolitan Government?

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