Shame on San Francisco Hypocrites (1)

Last Update: Sept.29, 2015
Moguro Fukuzo
The city council of San Francisco passed a resolution calling for building a comfort women memorial in the city on Sept. 22, 2015 in cooperation with the Chinese/Korean malicious attempt to insult the nation and people of Japan one more time.

At the close of the council meeting, Supervisor David Campos insulted the Japanese and/or Japanese-American audience who expressed their opposing views to the memorial by stating gShame on youh four times in succession.

They came to the council meeting as they were allowed to present their own opinions. However, no due respect was paid and they were treated as if they were school children who had cheated on exams.

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on youtube.

His pompous, disdainful, self-righteous assertiveness is repugnant beyond imagination of all decent men. Why is this man so intolerant of different opinions?

Turning blind eyes to different opinions made the council meeting a WITCH TRIAL.

This man virtually says,

Koreans (including Korean grandma Lee Yong-soo) are always right no matter what sort of evidences indicate otherwise;
Presenting different views on the Comfort Women Issue is a shameful act or taboo; and,
You should remain silent on the subject, although building a memorial is misleading the public views due to the baseless hearsay and rumor spread by the memorial.

It is obvious that he has only half-baked understanding based on superficial or shallow knowledge on the subject of the Comfort Women.

First, ever since this issue came to the diplomatic horizon between Japan and South Korea in early 1990s, not a single evidence has surfaced till today that support the story of forced recruitment of 200,000 young women and girls from the Korean Peninsula by the Japanese Army or Authority.

Second, former comfort woman Lee Yong-soo is well-known to many that she presents different testimonies every time she opens her mouth.

For example, she made the following different accounts as to the situation of getting out of her home in February, 2007. One is the typed-out script prepared by the U.S. Congress and the other is the newspaper article carried by Japan Times. She made those different accounts within one week!

Supervisor David Campos used the word gattack.h But attacking someone and cross-examination of a witness account are totally different. If credibility of self-proclaimed gliving evidenceh is at stake, not allowing cross-examination violates the right to a fair trial.

(For more details, refer to Analysis on Testimony of Lee Yong-soo.)

Third is a tacit implication that, should the story is true, Korean men were sissy weakling cowards who passively sat back while 200,000 of their mothers, sisters and daughters were taken away by the Japanese Army and/or Authority.


Shame on you for denying that


Korean men are sissy weakling cowards!!


    Shame on you for ignoring that Koreans eagerly

    cooperated with Japan's war effort during WWII

    and still claim today that Japan had done

    all sorts of atrocities in Korea.


Koreans rejoice with applause shouting gHurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! for victory of Japanese Army in China, Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! for Emperor of Japanh repeatedly (Photo published in January, 1941)
Right Above:
gKorean Youth Federationh marching with Rising Sun flags (Photo published on Oct.19, 1938)
Right Below:
Korean Volunteer Corps eager to join Japanfs war effort waiting for review. (Photo published on July 7, 1943)

    You may wonder why such young Koreans demonstrated their strong support for the Japanese Army, if the Japanese Army kidnapped 200,000 Korean women and young girls.

    It is self-evident that the forced recruitment of 200,000 Korean women and young girls is simply a hoax.

    Again, where were these able-bodied young Korean men when their sisters and girl friends were (allegedly) taken away by the Japanese Army and/or Authority?


    Korean anti-Japan activists often claim that there are gwell-documented evidencesh to prove that 200,000 young women and girls were forcibly taken away by the Japanese Army and/or Authority and they were coerced to sex slavery. However, not a single evidence, any diary, petition or letter of protest, newspaper article, notification to the police, witness account or whatsoever has been presented by the Korean Government since 1992 when the Comfort Women Issue surfaced on the diplomatic relationship between Japan and S. Korea. Testimonies of a few former comfort women should be considered, but they are often incoherent, contradictory, insufficient, and changed so often.

    Rather than shouting gShame on you for denying blah, blah, blah!h many times, give us one evidence that would convince us our grandfathers had actually committed the alleged atrocity!

Park Chun-hee, father of President Park of South Korea, was Lieutenant Officer of the Manchurian Force of the Japanese Army. After the Korean War, he became President of S. Korea and operated state-run comfort stations for the US/UN Army. He did not mention even a word about the Comfort Women or Comfort Stations during his negotiations with Japan to sign the 1965 Japan - S. Korea Basic Treaty. This clearly indicates that the comfort women were not considered by Koreans as damage claims any compensation or reparation or whatsoever is to be paid for.

Korean administrations also operated state-run comfort stations called turkey-bath in Vietnam for Korean Army and U.S Army. It seems that the City of San Francisco highly evaluates comfort women existed 70 years ago. Ifm sure that the City of San Francisco will also build memorials honoring those modern-day comfort women.



"Why Has South Korea Still Not Apologized to the Vietnam Comfort Women?"

by Chriss Grasso




Present-day Modern Comfort Women in Korea

    Statistics show that today prostitution industry in South Korea accounts for 5% of its GDP. Why do you need to kidnap women and girls in such a country? Why do you show no concern for these girls while persistently sticking to the past?

    Look around you. You can find so many prostitutes in your town without the need of rounding-up estimated 200,000 forced sex slavery mumbo jumbo.

On the following day San Francisco passed the resolution calling for the city to build a Comfort Women statue, 700 prostitutes took to the streets of Seoul claiming their rights to engage in the business of prostitution, demanding the repeal of the anti-prostitution law enacted in 2004.

From their aggressive willingness to work as a sex-worker, you can easily surmise that their predecessors were willing to work at battle fronts for high pay.

People with yellow butterfly marks on their chests rejoice by successfully acquiring another gtoyh to humiliate Japan and Japanese.

    Their enthusiasm on the past and no-concern to the present events clearly shows that:

    They are not talking about history. They are not talking about human rights, either. Their real intent is to disparage Japan with conjured-up fabrication.



    Korean parents sold their daughters off to Indentured Prostitution through procurers and Koreans today place the blame upon Japan. Shame on you Koreans for telling lies
    to the world.

    Experts in the Korean culture say Koreans have a great talent of playing a victim. Shedding tears, they continue to tell you a long litany of bad experiences. They whine they had gone through this and that in an attempt to use your sympathy for their own ends.


    Do not fool the world with crocodile tears!

      "Pil-gi and Yi Yong-su left home promptly, without their parents' knowledge, when a friend and/or the recruiter came calling" (p79, "The Comfort Women" written by C. Sarah Soh, professor of San Francisco University)

      Perjury deserves punishment

      Real Yi Yong-su and real Kan-Il-chul yell at the S. Korean Foreign Ministry official who visits the Sharing House in protest of an agreement between Japan and S. Korea. They never let the two nations move on and always jeoperdize the way.
      A S. Korean Foreign Ministry official visits the Sharing House to explain why they made a deal on the agreement with Japan on Dec.28,2015. The former comfort women demand Japan's PM Abe to come to the house to kneel down and beg for mercy.

      Who had over-inflated the ego of these former prostitutes?

      You may wonder who rules S. Korea; Government or former comfort women.




      Prof. Lee Yong-hoon of the Seoul University declared that Comfort Women were nothing more than prostitutes and, therefore, he was forced to apologize in a humiliating kowtow style before the former comfort women.

      Yi Yong-su demands Japanfs Prime Minister Abe to apologize in the same kowtow manner in front of her. Who had over-inflated the ego of these old women?

      You have to notice that those poor old former comfort women weeping and sobbing before you have become some kind of monsters in South Korea today.

      The 16th King of Yi-dynasty Korea kneels down and begs mercy before the Qing-dynasty Emperor of China, swearing the pledge of being a loyal subject to Qing-dynasty China forever. From this time (1637), Korea had provided 200-300 women to Qing-dynasty China every year to serve as concubines of the Manchu warriors until its independence from China after the Sino-Japanese War of 1895.

      The author believes the ultimate goal of South Koreans is to put Japan in the same situation as this king, using the power of the United States. Sounds crazy but I believe they mean it. Otherwise, the phrase such as gPM Abe should come to the Sharing House, kneel down and beg for mercyh would not come out of their mouth.




        for ignoring South Korean Military's

        mass rape and assault on women

        during the Vietnam War

      For more details, click the images below to review the news.



      This Englishman asks for apology of S. Korean gvernment for Lai Tai Han, mixed race children Korean Army produced in Vietnam
      Click to watch.
      Furthermore, S. Korean Army used Vietnamese Comfort Women
      Click to read.


      Comfort Stations are nothing different from gSpecial Comfort Facilitiesh operated by RAA (Recreation and Amusement Association) during U.S. occupation of Japan.

    A comfort station at Japan's battle fronts

    Letters to the right mean gWelcome the Brave Heroes of the Holy Warh Letters to the left mean gServices of Yanato-nadeshiko (Japanese Women) contributing Hearts and Bodiesh

    U.S. servicemen gathering at Yasuura-House at Yokosuka Navy Base during U.S. occupation of Japan

    Note: There were 2,900 rape cases reported during the first month of U.S. occupation of Japan in Kanagawa Prefecture alone.


    LEFT: The conquerors and the conquered

    US Army marching at the center of Yokohama   You will be shocked if the author writes about the atrocities American GIs inflicted upon Japanese women after landing on Japan.


    Anyone who has no sin in their life should step forward and throw the first stone. (John 8:7)




    Lack of a hard evidence/good reasoning makes losers desperate.

    Winner Loser


Shame on San Francisco Hypocrites;  

Greetings to the Citizens of San Francisco

Korean Con Artists Cheat on Evidence

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