Shame on San Francisco Hypocrites (2)

Turning a deaf ear to refutation, you built a Korean Prostitution Memorial in your city.

Phyllis Kim, executive director of the Korean American Forum of California, who played a major role in convincing San Francisco to establish the memorial, said that gPeople in the U.S. view the comfort women issue as a universal human rights issue that everyone needs to know and care about.h (Source: Star Advertiser Nov.22, 2017 edition)

Then, the inscription must not single out Japanfs case. Surely, this comfort women statue must be a symbol that includes the distress of girls served and/or serving U.S. troops in Korea.

You may not know that after the battle of Leyte and the U. S. Army drove out Japanese Forces from the Philippines, the U. S. Army used existing comfort stations there. Check the rate of infection of venereal disease of the US 8th Army led by General Eichelberger. You will find that as they approached Japan, the rate of infection increased.



... and the inscription also should include girls served Korean and/or US troops as Class-5 supplies during the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Supplying canned girls for prostitution are serious violation of human rights!!

If the description of the plaque doesnft mention the comfort women served the U.S. Army and the Korean Army, you are viewing the issue only partially with racial prejudice, building the statue in a malicious attempt to defame the nation and people of Japan and, you deserve to be called racially biased hypocrites.

Right: Camptown red light district in 1960s
Left: Comfort women in South Korea who serviced U.S. forces seek justice

If S. Koreans and US collaborators want to accuse the nation and people of Japan using fake history, you should look at your own war crimes first.

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This Englishman asks for apology of S. Korean government for Lai Tai Han, mixed race children Korean Army produced in Vietnam
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On Sept.11, 2017, the Independent Newspaper carried an article about the atrocities South Korean Army committed in Vietnam.
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Furthermore, S. Korean Army used Vietnamese Comfort Women
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The building used for comfort station (called "Turkish Bath")
in Ho Chi Min City


Besides, you have modern-day comfort women


San Francisco

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On January 26, 2017, Korean young people came to the statue that stands in front of the Japanese Consulate in Busan, and kowtowed in worship to the statue.

Is it a kind of a religeous cult?

The comfort women statue must be the roadside shrine
of the new religion in South Korea

Roadside Shrine
Japan S.Korea


and, the statue will follow you wherever you go

in order to play victim one century later caiming that
they were forcefully taken away by NASA astronauts.



For years, we asked you to conduct least amount of fact-checking. However, you have turned deaf ears to the request and chosen the path to become one of the comfort women cult followers.

Basically, this idol worship is no different from the pictures below, and therefore, you people in San Francisco are joing those idol worshippers.


Shame on San Francisco Hypocrites;

Greetings to the Citizens of San Francisco

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