Korean Con Artists Cheat on Evidence

Last Update: August 28, 2018
Moguro Fukuzo


How can you trust the con artists who cheat on the evidence?

Cover-up of Inconvenient Part of Document

The Northeast Asian History Foundation, a South Korean organization sponsored by the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, delivered leaflets in many international conferences such as those held by UN. One of such leaflets is page 21 of the booklet titled "Truth of the Japanese Military Comfort Women."

The same leaflet is displayed at "the E-museum of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, Section 2 Comfort Women or Sex Slaves?" (As of August 28, the author noticed the e-musium was closed and no hyperlink is possible)

With closer look, you see a part of the document is covered by a photo. The document is U.S. Army Report India-Burma Theater APO689 mentioned above. (See the following images)

The concealed part contains the wording; "A comfort girl is nothing more than a prostitute or professional camp follower."

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