South Korea's War Crimes and Lai Dai Han

Lai Dai Han: Mass Killings/Rapes Committed by
Korean "Tiger" Division during the Vietnam War

S. Korean President Park said: Japan needs to face up to the issues of history. I expect the country to make responsible and sincere measures to alleviate the agony of those who are living in pain and scared by history.

← Click to watch her April 25, 2014 joint statement with U.S .President B. Obama.

What about Korea? Is Korea free from the responsibility for those suffered in Vietnam?

Before occupying a high moral ground and preaching, face up to your own history!




The article on Lai-Dai-Han is available from SAPIO August 2014-edition.
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This Englishman asks for apology of S. Korean gvernment for Lai Tai Han, mixed race children Korean Army produced in Vietnam
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Furthermore, S. Korean Army used Vietnamese Comfort Women
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