Last Update: December 1, 2014
Moguro Fukuzou

A group of South Korean former gcomfort womenh, who worked in state-controlled brothels for the US military after the 1950-53 Korean War, has reportedly filed a suit demanding compensation from the authorities for forced prostitution. The Asahi Shimbun reported.

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    122 Korean women insist that they were US Army Comfort Women in Camp Villages and claim compensatory damages of one million yen per person.

    This recruitment ad appeared September 14, 1961, on the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper. The ad says gRegistration of Comfort Women (the three kanji-letters with the red line) serving UN Army soldiers will start from 13th day.h This means that the Koreans had used the word gComfort Womenh until 1961. Other official documents issued by the Korean government suggest that they had used the word until 1977.

    If the gComfort Womenh was so detestable, abominable act for Koreans that would suggest the forcible mobilization of so many young girls, why did they use such grepugnanth word for recruitment of women?

    The Peace Treaty between Japan and S. Korea was ratified in 1965 and there was the negotiation period that lasted for 10 years prior to the signing of the treaty. If the Comfort Women was gegregious violation of human rightsh as US President B. Obama calls, why didnft Korean officials argue about the damage? Clearly, the Comfort Women was considered as what you cannot claim damage for.

    This news appeared on February 26, 1957, on the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper. The kanji-letters say "Fire on U.S. comfort stations burned down 5 buildings."

    The United States Gongress insulted Japan and the Japanese by passing the Resolution 121 in 2007. You have to comment on YOUR OWN USE OF COMFORT WOMEN so many years after the WWII. Are you ready to pass the same resolution criticizing YOUR OWN USE OF SEX SLAVES?

    I want to hear how this man reacts to the lawsuit.

    Rep. Mike Honda loves bashing Japan for his noble cause of human rights protection. Now he has to put the same time and effort into bashing the Korean Government and the U.S. forces.

    Probably, the new resolution should contain the wording:

    gThe United States should formally acknowledge, apologize and accept historical responsibility on the issue of Comfort Women served US troops.h

    You are still using yongjugol juicy bars, aren't you?

    Click the following Youtube video. I want to know how U.S.President Obama and S. Korean President Park will respond to this issue.

    Let me hear your thoughts!

  • American soldiers were good customers!!

    Peace Garden in Fairfax County, Virginia

      It is said that comfort women for the US Army were brought to the US camps inside the drum cans as Class-V supplies.

    In memory of Korean comfort girls served the US Army as Class-V military supplies

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