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There are Comfort Women Memorials installed by Koreans around the world including the one that stands in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. It was built in violation of Article 22 of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations that assured the peace, dignity and security of a foreign envoy.



Why are they so persistent in erecting statues in many places within S. Korea and around the world?

The author of this webpage considers that we can find a clue to the answer in the work of gThe History of the Churchh (the original is French) written by Claude Charles Dallet, a French Catholic missionary to Korea in the 19th century.

He writes,

gThere is a custom of the Korean aristocracy that, if one loses his position or life because of machinations of the enemy, the duty of the revenge is handed down to his descendants. For this purpose, he often gives some tangible remembrance. For example, his clothes may be given to his son with the bidding that he is never allowed to strip off the clothing until the duty is fulfilled. In the event his son was unable to fulfill the duty in his lifetime, he hands down the duty to his son with the same conditions. Then the duty of revenge goes down from one generation to the other, forever. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see many aristocrats wearing dilapidated clothing on streets.h

The author translated the above from the Japanese version of the book.

gThe tangible remembranceh for the revenge appears to be the girl statue. The metal statue lasts 1,000 years along with the inscription engraved in a metal plaque or stone beside it.

Soon after she assumed the office, S. Korean President Park Geun-hye declared that the relation between Japan and Korea as victimizer and victim does not change for 1,000 years

Whatever the accusation of S. Koreans may be, no present-day Japanese were born during the Annexation Years. There is no such an implacable, unforgiving and vengeful country on earth constantly accusing the nation and people of Japan even after 75 years since the end of the WWII. No one would be able to comprehend such a stalker-like behavior without considering the cultural background deep-rooted in their history.


We are opposed to the installation of the girl statue because the wording of the inscription is completely false. Korean people persuade the local council members in every country of the world with false accusation, insulting our fathers and mothers under the mask of such decorative words as human rights, violation of womenfs rights and so on.

We Japanese never admit the forcible mobilization of 200,000 girls and young women by the Japanese Army/Police. If they were forced, they were forced by their parents or procurers (brokers for brothel operators) to pay-off family debts.

There were comfort stations and comfort women just like red-light districts anywhere in the world. Since comfort stations were placed near to the battle-fronts, they had to be protected from possible enemy assaults with barbed wires and by placing guard sentries. Special medical care was needed for prevention of venereal diseases. The Japanese Army provided transportation, protection and medical care, which the private brothel operators were unable to provide, but nothing more.

However, Koreans believe what they want to believe no matter whether it is a historical fact or not.

    For Japanese, history is history
    For Chinese, history is propaganda
    For Koreans, history is fantasy

Therefore, the author considers that Koreans will never stop anti-Japan smear campaign until they fulfill the duty of revenge, which is to subjugate and enslave the Japanese race.

Fantasy: Korean delusional image of forcible mobilization of young women under violence Reality: Actual comfort women following advancing Japanese Army
Fantasy: Corea was a great power in pre-historic days Reality: Corea was a tributary state of Qing Dynasty China in recorded history
Fantasy: Great civilization of Corea Reality: People wore white cloths because they were too poor to buy dye compound from either China or Japan



Comfort Women Memorials are in essence voodoo dolls intended to cast a revenge spell upon the nation and people of Japan.

They bind Korean immigrants working or living inside the Korea-towns scattered within the United States and elsewhere around the world with the duty of revenge against Japan for generations to come. They will never hesitate to fulfill their duty when the chance falls in their hands, just like they did so when Japan was defeated by the U.S.-led Allies in WWII. If you doubt my words, read gSo Far from the Bamboo Gloveh by Yoko Kawashima.

Koreans are a real toady, ass-kisser to the boss, and evil monstor to the weak.

Look at the atrocity they did in Vietnam.

With or without knowing it, Americans and Europeans are cooperating with Korean effort of cultivating hatred against Japan.


Voodoo Dolls inside S. Korea



Koreans will never abandon the tool to make Japan to kneel down before them. Today, raising the issue of Comfort Women again and again is part of their nationalism. Under the freezing cold of below 10 degrees Celsius, young people in Seoul sit-in for protection of the statue from possible removal after both governments of Japan and S. Korea agreed the deal on the Comfort Women Issue (which includes the agreement of Korean governmentfs effort of removing the statue) on December 28, 2015.


 Seoul City Hall

South Korea designated August 14 as the Comfort Women Memorial Day and put the memorial statue inside the bus.

After the failed attemt to issue a comfort women memorial coin from the Niue government, the artists of the statue announced that they are going to issue the coin from Chad Republic (Aug.14,2017).
S. Korean activist organizations placed 500 miniature statues at the center of Seoul for a commemoration ceremony.





These old women donft know actually what they are doing. Instigated by demagogues of the Korean Council (Chong Dae Hyup), they are playing a role of gcatalystsh that foment hatred directed toward the nation and people of Japan.

Rather than living in peace and tranquility during the final stage of their life, they chose a busy life of going around the world to stoke fire of hatred, placing the blame of their personal misery upon Japan, thereby creating obstructions in promoting friendship between young generations of Japan and South Korea.

They will never be released from their distorted rancor or grudge until their last breath, and huge outrage of Japanese population created as a result of their activities will continue to damage South Korean economy for decades to come.

Refer to "Harvest of Hatred"


Seoul City Hall


Korean Voodoo Dolls around the World

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