Sly Manipulation at UN/UNESCO

Last Update: December 30, 2016
Moguro Fukuzo

In persistent malicious attempt to defame Japan, Chinese/South Korean organizations seek registration of Nanking Massacre hoax and Comfort Women coerced slavery fabrication for UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

In October 2015, UNESCOfs decision to register the Nanking Massacre hoax came out of the blue for most of the Japanese since the decision had been made behind the closed door of the International Advisory Committee (gIACh), permitting no chance of refutation for the accused member nation.

Many questions remained as to in what kind of process the IAC members are appointed, whether they have special knowledge on the gNanking Massacre,h and/or what documents the applicant had filed for the enlistment (access to the applied documents are also denied for the accused member nation even today).

The author, as well as many other Japanese nationals, considers that the UNESCO has degraded to become a propaganda machine of the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship and its loyal henchman South Korea.

Reference sites:
False Accusations of Comfort Women
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Attempt to add gNanking Massacreh/Comfort Women Documents to UNESCOfs Memory of the World Register

June 2014
Nanking Municipal Archives and several other organizations jointly filed for the addition of documents related to the gNanking Massacreh/Comfort Women to the list of UNESCOfs Memory of the World Register

October 2015
UNESCO decided gNanking Massacreh documents be listed to the Memory of the World Register, but not the Comfort Women documents.

May 2016
S. Korean organizations filed "Voices of the Comfort Women" for addition to the list of UNESCOfs Memory of the World Register.

October 2016
Newspapers discovered that the Japanese Government suspended payments to UNESCO to urge reform of the decision process of enlistment for Memory of the World Register.

Canada-Israel Friendship Association submitted its Letter of Opinion to UNESCO.

January 2017
Presumed start of IAC to inspect submitted documents

Submitted Documents

Lies, Deceipt & Treachery

Holocaust = Comfort Women Hoax

For the past couple of years, South Koreans have made efforts to equate Comfort Women to Holocaust.

Of course, Comfort Women have nothing to do with Holocaust. As the U.S. Army Report India-Burma Theater APO689 writes, gA comfort girl is nothing more than prostitute or professional camp follower.h

Actually, the Comfort Women System was gindentured prostitutionh by which the family of the girl receives advance payment, which is the debt owed by the girl who has to repay by serving as comfort woman at the rear of the war zone. Records show average salary of comfort women was 1,000 yen, more than ten times of that of private soldiers and they were allowed to go back home as soon as the repayment of the debt was complete.

The Letter of Opinion by Canada-Israel Friendship Association describes this distortion of history as gHolocaust has been exploited irresponsibly.h The author says this intentional mixed-up is sheer absurdity. Even 10-years-old school kids would not be fooled by this deception.

Never Talking about gby whoh in order to conceal the role of Korean procurers and kidnappers

When Koreans describes Comfort Women, they never mention about the role of Korean procurers (brokers of prostitution:—åÈ) and Korean kidnappers. To conceal their role, therefore, they intentionally omit gby whoh or gin what waysh in their description of the Comfort Women.

For example, the first sentence of the gVoices of the Comfort Womenh is written as follows.

gComfort womenh is a euphemistic term for the women and girls forced into sexual slavery (by who) for the Japanese military between 1931 and 1945.h

C. Sarah Soh, professor at San Francisco State University, describes their role in her book gThe Comfort Womenh as follows;

gIn fact, the survivorsf testimonials amply illustrate that during the war Korean men and women actively collaborated in the recruitment of young compatriots to serve the Japanese military and also ran comfort stations. [c] Under grinding poverty, working class families in colonial Korea sold unmarried daughters for 400-500 won (40-50 yen) for a contractual period of four to seven years The parents received 60-70 percent of the money after various expenses involved in the transaction had been deducted, such as the mediatorfs fee, clothing, documents preparation transport, and pocket money. (p.10)h

To corroborate the above description as an example, Hak-soon Kim of Korea, mentioned in P.5 of the gVoices of the Comfort Women,h stated in her affidavit that gAs my family was poor, my mother sold me to a Kisaeng House for 40 yenh and submitted it to the Tokyo District Court.

Hak-soon Kim filed a lawsuit with Tokyo District Court in 1991 alleging that she was taken away and forced to serve for Japanese soldiers. However she stated in her press interview and also wrote in her affidavit that gMy family was poor. My mother sold me to a Kisaeng House for 40 yen when I was 14-years-old.h Surely, some activists took advantage on her ignorance for their own ends.

As daughters can be sold for prostitution, there were many kidnappers during the Annexation Period of Korea, and local police (consists of both Japanese and Koreans) made efforts to crack down on them as newspapers of the days amply illustrate the situation.


Concealing Inconvenient Part of Document

The Northeast Asian History Foundation, a South Korean organization sponsored by the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, delivered leaflets in many international conferences such as those held by UN. One of such leaflets is page 21 of the booklet titled "Truth of the Japanese Military Comfort Women."

The same leaflet is displayed at "the E-museum of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, Section 2 Comfort Women or Sex Slaves?" (Click the image below««)

With closer look, you see a part of the document is covered by a photo. The document is U.S. Army Report India-Burma Theater APO689 mentioned above. (See the following images)

The concealed part contains the wording; "A comfort girl is nothing more than a prostitute or professional camp follower."

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