Identity Theft

The author believes that Korean anti-Japan activists are somehow trying to equate Imperial Japan to Nazi Germany and, by creating such an image, aiming to defame Japan and the Japanese people.

The following examples clearly show that they do not hesitate to resort to identity fraud, albeit it is sheer absurdity to equate one historical event to another that are totally different, in their persistent attempt to injure the reputation of Japan.

1. Rising Sun = Swastika Campaign

2. Comfort Women = Sex Slaves Campaign

3. Comfort Women = Holocaust Campaign

Samsung (Korean company) often uses Ninja and Mt.Fuji for its CM, as if it is a Japanese company.
This Korean says in a TV show that "when you do something bad, you should say I am Japanese."

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Weeping Women

A performer in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul North Korean Women crying for the death of Kim Jong Il
Lee Ok-sun (right) Kan Il-chul
Lee Yong-soo Kim Sook-ja, Former comfort woman served US troops
in Camp Town, S. Korea

Nayirah Testimony in 1990 just before Operation Desert Storm was a typical war-time propaganda. Before you slander someone, you have to be cautious and take pains to identify whether the “testimony” is truth or hoax.
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The Kuwaiti Incubator Baby Hoax

Endless Loop

Apologize! Pay compensation!

It's always somebody's fault

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Hey, Koreans. THIS IS YOU.→
This kind of person often appears in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul. Koreans usually put fire on Japanese flags, but with great excitement they sometimes set fire to themselves. The caption says: Usual Camp-fire before the Japanese embassy in Seoul.
Hwabyung World is nothing unusual. This is ordinary daily life in Korea→

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