Emergence of Comfort Women Cult Nation

First Draft: August 30, 2017
Updated: December 5, 2017
Moguro Fukuzou



→Penis-head statue at olympics
1. Crazy family next door

It is a widely accepted theory that Japan’s post-war economic growth was attained by the loss of Korean Peninsula (North and South Koreas combined). The theory is understandable as Japan continued to spend about 20% of its annual national budget for modernization of annexed Korea during its 35 years of Annexation since 1910. In the post-war period Japan could use the money for its own domestic needs while security needs against the threat posed by Soviet Russia/Red China were largely borne by the U.S.

However, the Korean Peninsula still remains to be a problem child causing headaches for Japan constantly.

After the Korean War (1950-1953), South Korea is supposed to be a free democracy. However, it is a hostile democracy for Japan. There is no other nation in the world as hostile as South Korea to Japan. It is like a crazy family lives next door to your home, always looking for a chance to subjugate, destroy, disparage, bully, betray, rob technology or extort money from your family.

2. Anti-Japan Drug Overdosing

Although first S. Korean President Rhee Synman (Jul. 1948 to Apr. 1960) was a staunch anti-Japan president, Japan and South Korea maintained more or less good relationships until early 1980s. During 1970s, anti-Japan sentiment in S. Korea was not as acute as we observe today. Korean people who remember the Annexation Period did not foul-mouth Japan. Typical such person was President Park Chung-hee (Dec. 1963 to Oct.1979).

Rhee Synman Park Chung-hee

He was born in a poor family and became the leader of South Korea. A graduate of Army Academy of now-defunct Japanese Imperial Forces, lieutenant officer of Manchuria Forces, President Park highly-evaluated Japan’s education system practiced in the Annexation Era. He said Japan’s education was fair and god-send for him. He sang Japanese military songs when drank. It doesn’t mean he was a pro-Japanese leader. He was a realist. He could see the importance of maintaining good relationships with Japan.

For many of the Japanese who was born in the post-WWII period, anti-Japan President of South Korea is Roh Moo-hyun (Feb.2003 to Feb.2008). He claimed that the rightful name of the Sea of Japan was East Sea, the Island of Takeshima was the territory of South Korea called Dokuto. He confiscated the property of descendants of people who cooperated Japan during the Annexation, and even declared that Japan was a hypothetical enemy of South Korea.

He destroyed all the diplomatic assets that existed between Japan and S. Korea.

Roh Moo-hyun

By 2005 Japan has become an “Internet Society” in which most of the citizens possess a personal computer connected with broad-band Internet. For most of the Japanese, strong anti-Japan sentiment in South Korea was first felt through Windows XP. Besides politicians’ severely anti-Japan belligerent remarks, anti-Japan movies such as “The Rose of Sharon Blooms Again”(Mukugenohana-ga-sakimashita) were astounding. Why do South Koreans hate us so much? This question was embarrassing for most of us who thought S. Koreans were our good neighbors and friends.

The author was one of them, and made a substantial research in order to revise my own understanding of the country. Now I consider that anti-Japan sentiment is some sort of addiction for S. Koreans, like drug-abuse or doping in sports. It gives them stamina and high-spirits, at least temporarily. However, overdosing will lead to consequences of addiction. First, they got a taste of opium or marijuana, then came cocaine or heroin, and finally LSD. They always crave stronger stimulation and simply cannot stop it.

Like all other types of addiction, anti-Japan doping addiction may wear you out and make you a completely different person.

When you dance with the Devil, the Devil doesn’t change. The Devil changes you.
--- Amanda Hocking

3. It's not a modern nation state, but a cult organization

Now, as some critiques argue, South Korea may not be a modern nation, but rather a cult organization whose favorite god-image for worshipping is the comfort women statue.

Mayor of Seoul City put his hands on the shoulder of the plastic-made comfort women statue
installed in the city bus (August 14, 2017).

↓ Click to view ↓

According to Korean Newspapers, the “comfort women bus” started running on August 14 in order to commemorate the day late Kim Hak-soon held a press conference to make public she was a comfort women, which was the first of many others who followed her appearance in the public.

However, in the affidavit forwarded to the Tokyo District Court with which she filed a lawsuit in December 1991, Kim Hak-soon clearly stated that “Since my family was poor, my parents sold me to the Kisaeng House for 40 yen.” No mention of Japanese soldiers or police was contained in the affidavit.

Why is Japan held responsible for the decision of her parents?

Kim Hak-soon, the first woman who made a public statement that she was forced to serve as a Comfort Woman, admitted she had been sold at the cost of 40 yen to a Kisaeng House.But it was not entirely her fault. She confessed that she was so alone and just wanted to meet her old friends. Lawyers and activists who use her low intelligence for their own ends are to blame.

Because her press interview was much publicized both in S. Korea and Japan, Japan's TV crews also had press-interviews with her.

In a conversation with a female interpreter working for such TVs, who became familiar with her, Kim Hak-soon was asked why she came out despite her official statement of being sold to a Kisaeng House. Her reply was,

“I was so lonely. No one comes to my home. One day when I watched the TV, I learned that some people who were conscripted for labor during the war are considering about fling a lawsuit. Then I thought I might be involved with the issue and made a phone call.” (Note 1)

Can you say she lied to the public? Yes, maybe, in a sense. However the real problem is that someone is using her by: dragging her out of oblivion; collecting pubic attention by press-release or filing a lawsuit; using a conjured-up fabrication story of forced sex slavery, and suppressing all counter-argument with a temper tantrum or violence in order to throw the people into a mob frenzy for an ultimate goal of something else; that is, isolating Japan from the U.S., Japan, and S. Korea Triangle Security Alliance.

The name of the civic group, which pushes ahead with the Comfort Women Issue around the world is Chong Dae Hyup 挺対協. The three Kanji letters are an acronym of more lengthy “挺身隊問題対策協議会” which operates under an official English name of “Korean Council of Women Drafted for Sexual Slavery by Japan.” (hereinafter “Korean Council”)

The name itself is a mixed-up of drafted women working in munitions factory, who are equivalent to "Rosie the Riveter" in the United States, and co-called Sexual Slavery. The term “Sexual Slavery” is NOT applicable to the comfort women because they were paid-prostitutes working near front-lines under an indentured term agreement with advance loan ayment of 20-40 months worth of their salary pay. After repayment of all advance loan payment, they were set free to go home.

Actually, Comfort Women were highly-paid job easy to be employed for any women with little or no education background. They earned 300 to 1,000 yen per month when university graduates could earn 20 yen a month in their first year of employment. One former comfort women called Mun Okchu (文玉珠) confessed in her autobiography that she was delighted to have successfully saved 500 yen at the field postal service office, half the money to buy a modest house in her hometown of Taegu (大邱). She bought leather bags and a diamond at a Chinese market in Rangoon. (Note 2)

As some of the leaders of the Korean Council were arrested with the charge of North Korean spies, you can safely say that the organization is operating under the North Korean influence.

In addition, it is well known that another civic organization called “世界抗日戦争史維護連合会” (Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WWII in Asia, hereinafter “Global Alliance”), a San Francisco-based Chinese civic group, is supporting the Korean Council. So it is basically a China-North Korea alliance that is making anti-Japan defamation efforts inside the UN and/or US.

In conclusion, when you consider the Comfort Women Issue, you shoud have in-depth insights and must pay keen attention to the political motivation and manipulation working beneath the mask of shiny words preaching feminism, human rights, or Japan's war atrocities mambo jumbo.

LEFT:Comfort women memorial coins and miniature girl statue
RIGHT:Former comfort women were invited to celebrate one year anniversary of opening the Commemoration Park (Aug. 27, 2017)

This man is painting on the stairs.→

The Korean Council installed this comfort women statue in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul in December 2011 in violation of Article 22 of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations that assured peace, dignity and security of a foreign envoy.

Immediately after 2015 Bilateral Agreement on Comfort Women was made between Japan and S. Korea, Korean young people began “sit down vigil” beside the statue in the freezing cold with below zero temperatures for fear of removal by the government in accordance with the agreement.


Anti-Japan Cult and Idolatry
RIGHT:Glendale, California

Idol Worshippers
LEFT:Busan, South Korea
RIGHT:Busan, South Korea

LEFT:Glendale, California
RIGHT:US Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) kneels down before the Glendale Statue

A Man who Sells South Korea off to North Korea

Moon Jae-in pays respect to the comfort women statue in Busan during the election campaign following impeachment of President Park Geun-hye.

Now on August 30, 2017 he is current President of S. Korea and trying to revoke 2015 Japan - S. Korea Agreement on the Comfort Women Issue claiming that "the agreement is not acceptable for most of Koreans emotionally," knowing that Japan had already paid 1 billion yen as part of the deal.

The deal was made under strong pressure of the U.S. (under Obama Administration) in anticipation to have GSOMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement) agreed among three allies of Japan, S. Korea, and the U.S. as a countermeasure to military threats posed by the unpredictable N. Korea.

The deal was unbearable for many Japanese too. Yet another apology and payment of money to cajole cantankerous old ladies, who constantly tell lies, shed crocodile tears to attain sympathy from ignorant Americans, and spread false rumors to defame our ancestors?   “No! No way! Is Prime Minister Abe a traitor? ” was the feeling and opinion of the general public of Japan.

It was another insult imposed by the U.S., which is trying to keep S. Korea on our side at the expense of Japan. However, we had no choice but to swallow the insult as national security takes precedence over the comfort women issue.

We had to accept the deal with great reluctance, suppressing all the outrage rising up inside us.

Now S. Korea under new president intends to dishonor and revoke 2015 Agreement unilaterally. If S. Korea actualy does so, no one, even the United States, can control us.

There will be no more GSOMIA, no more economic cooperation such as currency swaps, no more future relationships of any sort whatsoever that can be expected from Japan, as we Japanese deem S. Korea as our intolerable foe or enemy. Then the United States has to choose either Japan or S. Korea for its economic/military partner in the Far East.

We are fed up with these noisy, crazy, fiercely barking liar bitches. These women should be locked-up and chained.

The tactic of “a squeaking wheel gets the grease” has no effect upon us anymore.

These cantankerous old women:
tell lies/spread rumors shamelessly; shed crocodile tears to get sympathy; throw tantrum when pushed into a corner.

On November 7, 2017, just before the opening of the state banquet with US President D. Trump, South Korean government suddenly allowed Lee Yong-soo to participate the party and she tried to have a hug with President Trump. The next morning, Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo announced, “This must be a blow that caught Japan unawares. Abe must be grinding his teeth with grief now.” It appears that for South Korea, anti-Japan comfort women harassment takes precedence over anything else, even in the situation facing the North Korean nuclear missile threat.

Korean parade in Manhattan, New York, October 7, 2018

The government of the comfort women, by the comfort women, for the comfort women shall perish from the earth. ------ Abraham Lincoln


Korean Con Artists Cheat on Evidence

Korean Attempts to Thwart Japan's Bid to Win World Heritage Status

Koreans are disdusting people (1)

Koreans are disdusting people (2)


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p76,107,115 “ビルマ盾師団の慰安婦だった私” 梨の木舎 1996年 (literally, "I Was a Comfort Women of the Burma Shield Division" as intervewed by Morikawa Machiko, 1996, Nashinoki-sha)

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